Thursday, May 25, 2006

For He draws up the drops of water;
they distill his mist in rain,
which the skies pour down
and drop on mankind abundantly.
Can anyone understand the spreading of the clouds,
the thunderings of his pavilion?
Behold, he scatters his lightning about him
and covers the roots of the sea.
For by these he judges peoples;
He gives food in abundance.
He covers his hands with the lightning
and commands it to strike the mark.
Its crashing declares his presence;
the cattle also declare that he rises.
At this also my heart trembles
and leaps out of its place.

~Elihu on God

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm here in New Zealand and it is amazing. Freezing but amazing. I'm pretty sure I'll never feel warm again. Thankyou so much everyone who helped me get here. The people here are wonderful and I love working with them. My host family lives right between the Harbor and the Pacific Ocean. The ocean is right outside our front window. Our host mom heat up our rooms and turns on our electric blankets at night then comes in to tuck us in. It's crazy here.
I had NZ hot dogs today. We hada sausage sizzle. They put butter on a slice of bread then cook a sausage then put it and grilled peppers and onions on it. It's actually really good.
I miss you all

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hey dad, in case youforget: visitor's parking lot right accross from the cafeteria. 782 GGL

Friday, May 12, 2006

So we're finally dating. We went to Little Rock on Wednesday after our last final. I had given Jack a confetti egg at Easter because for some reason Northeners haven't heard of them. He refused to break it since I painted it, and instead on Wednesday hid a promise ring inside of it and gave it back to me. He's a really sweet guy.

The downside is that Harding requires you to leave with-in 24 hours of your last final. Jack left this morning and I can see him again in three months. I can talk to him again in six weeks. We aren't aloud to use internet in New Zealand, and because we are moving around so much he won't be able to write. It's going to be a long summer.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

It's been an up and down sort of week. I had been certain something was going to happen this coming Wednesday. I was a little worried when Jack told Joey what he was planning on doing. Joey and Jack are best friends and room-mates. They practically grew up together and Jack was always at Joey's house. The catch in all this is that Joey liked me before James did. I explained that I didn't feel the same for him and later on ended up getting to know Jack. Needless to say it's caused some problems. Joey seems opposed to Jack and I dating at every turn and always has new reasons why Jack shouldn't ask me out. Jack hasn't listened to them. As of yet none of them have been valid. This isn't to say that Joey is doing this because he likes me/liked me, I think it's more because he's afraid, despite all our attempts to negate it of losing his best friend. Joey's parents came down last weekend and were going to talk to Jack but decided to wait till this summer. They've only heard Joey's side of the story. This is all more than a little irritating. Why are so many people butting in? And Joey is wondering why his and my relationship seems to be suffering.

On top of that, there is Hannah. Joey's big sister, who is like a big sister to Jack. She talked to him earlier this week. Joey hit James with an argument claiming that Jack's friendships were suffering because he was spending so much time with me. Which Jack didn't buy, because he and I are always hanging out in the student center with 10 or so other people. JAck has actually grown more friendships in Joey's absence. The truth would be that Jack isn't spending as much time with Joey, because Joey will only see things his way and goes off when Jack doesn't agree with him. But Hannah is much more clever. She convinced him that asking me out with everything I am trying to deal with in my life right now would be selfish. It would just be adding a long-distance relationship to my stresses. Hannah and Joey aren't malicious, just meddlesome, they honestly want what they seem to think is best for everyone I think. So out of the blue Jack tells me that he's changed his mind about Wednesday but wants to assure me his feelings for me haven't changed.

I was livid. I've had enough of Hannah and Joey and their whole family. JAck didn't even say what Hannah had said to make him change his mind only that he'd explain it at lunch the next day. I was even more irritated at being left in the dark. I stopped talking for the rest of the night and the next morning. Then I talked to Jack about it before class and after it all, all he could say was he wasn't sure why he changed his mind, because it really didn't make much sense. I went to class and left him to think about it, he went back to his room to pray. At lunch he apologized and explained that he only wanted to do things right and wanted what was best for me first and foremost. (He's pretty cool). So I guess Wednesday is back on. I'm trying to be patient with Hannah and Joey. No matter what Jack does it's going to make somebody angry. I don't like Hannah pretending like she knows me, and I'm fed up with their seemingly family trait of being right all the time no matter what. If you don't comply then they judge. arrgh!! Don't they have their own lives? I'm not running away to get married to him. I just want to date him.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

This is Jack! This is the first decent picture I've found of him because he is always making faces at the camera. He is, in my very biased opinion, the sweetest guy on campus. He's going to ask me out on Wednesday I think, I'm not sure, he's planning some sort of suprise and won't tell me about any of it. I'm afraid I've turned into one of those sappy girls who can gush for hours about the guys she likes, the type of girl who I've always made fun of. This is a really new and horribly detestable state. Yet, I can console myself with the fact that he was very cynical, "girls are a stupid waste of time sort" and even went so far as to make sure he got braces before college so as to deter any girls. Hah, and I've ruined him!