Monday, October 16, 2006

Two Wrongs don't make a Right

I had a slight migraine yesterday. By slight I mean that light and noise and movement and smell all irritated me but not to the point of throwing up or being unbearable. Still I spent most of it with James avoiding people and crowds and trying to find quiet dark places to hang out. (I know that probably sounds suspicious to concerned fathers out there, however the two times we were alone, one was in the library working on a project I had to finish for tommorow, and the other was our scheduled bible study time.) James just read all of it to me which was kind of nice. It reminded me of bedtime stories only...more violent. (we're in the old testament right now)
James said he almost likes it better when I'm sick because I'm more honest. (A.K.A I'm in such a foul mood that tact is thrown out of the window and I complain more than I usually do)James had mentioned that Joey wanted to talk, (yeah, I still haven't spoken to him, even after his apology note)(hey it was a vague note, and only one sentence long)He thinks all of this was a big misunderstanding. Allow me to get out the Dictionary of all things Joey:

A normal dictionary would define it as:
1.A failure to understand correctly, or 2. A quarrel or disagreement

But It cannot be definition "1" because there is only one way to understand the phrase, "I'm sick of us, you and me"

Nor can it be "2" because in order to have a quarrel or disagreement the other party is required to disagree. I did not disagree. I agreed and said, "agreed. So am I." and left.,

No, In Joey-speak misunderstanding means something completely different. I know because it's the same phrase he always uses in cases like these. What cases? Let me just define it.

mis*un*der*stand*ing n.1.Refusal of one to admit when one is wrong [Lat.stubbornius a#*]

Guys are dumb.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Break-up

So I blew up at Joey yesterday. (Joey, James' room-mate and (ex?)-best friend, he asked me out but I told himno and while he was getting over me I met James. Yeah bad things happened.)

Joey likes this new girl Anna. I was highly supportive of this. But ever since he started liking her he has completely ignored me. At first I figured, "Hey, whatever, he's head over heels right now, after a little while when things with them cool down some he'll come around."

But then he started being rude and obnoxious during the few times we did hang out together. E.g.: While eating lunch with him, James, and Anna, he completely interrupts Anna's and my conversation to blurt out, "Hey I want my shirt back". (He GAVE me a shirt of his last semester when I was cold, I didn't really want to keep it but he insisted.) I said,"Joey I offered to give that thing back a million times last semester and you insisted I keep it."
"Well it's mine I want it back."
"No Joey, let me explain something, it's not yours because you GAVE it to me, but whatever, you can have your stupid shirt back, I never wanted it in the first place."

Well during all this junk with him and Anna, my friend Brandon tells James and I that he likes Anna and that she likes him and he might date her. (I know, I should really write soap operas)We asked how he knew and he said she had called and left a message on his answering machine saying that she loved him. (Really, who does that?)I asked him what he said back and he said nothing and then started whining about how she had started hanging out with Joey alot. I called him an idiot because of course she was going to move on if he didn't respond to that message. So he left and went and told her that he liked her and wanted to date her. She was really happy about that. Before doing that he suggested that James tell Joey what was going on since all four of us are friends. I said no, James and I were staying out of this one, but James really wanted to and since Brandon was cool with it I figured why not? It's better that he knows.

So James goes to tell Joey but before he can Joey pops off with,"So I told Anna I liked her and she was really happy about it." James tells him and Joey blows him off and doesn't believe him.

So the next day I try to mention it to him and he gets mad. Why does this feel so much like a break-up. I never dated the guy! Why is he getting upset, its not like we enjoy telling him this stuff, it's just that Anna is a player and she's going to screw up friendships if these to idiots don't realize what's going on.

Joey pulls this whole victim bit which only serves to make me more mad. When I ask him why he's mad he says that he's sick of us (this sounds more and more like we dated)So I get really mad and agree and tell him not to bother showing up to some events we had scheduled because I was done with our stupid friendship.

So that's where we are. I keep waiting to feel bad but it hasn't come yet, if anything I feel more angry. Stupid Boy!

Kara's Birthday Is Tommorow

A message from mi hermana:
Kacey your little sister has cancer. (Of the skin) Just thought I should tell you on Facebook.muhahaha. No but really....does dad's health insurance cover dermatology?

hahaha, look how grown up your little girl is dad...

(ya, I get a sick pleasure out of helping dad stay up at nights worrying...)