Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This is one of my favorite times of the year! First you have Fall and Halloween, and then there is Thanksgiving and then there is Christmas and New Years. It's just one party after the other. Harding hung up lights over break. In the daylight yesterday James and I thought they looked tacky but at night they lit up the whole quad (front lawn in these blue lights. They are hanging down from all the trees and covering all the shrubs and bushes. You feel like you are in a giant firework explosion of blue. It is so bright we were able to play spades at 11 last night outside on the front lawn. I'll try to post some pictures later.
This is a picture from a hayride/ corn maze my Outreach America group went to to hang out together. It was a blast. They had tunnels made out of hay as well and this big mountain of hay. We were playing king of the mountain in this picture and I won. I threw down five guys or so before istarted to get worried they might be getting agitated and rolling down the hay and then I abdicated.
The other picture is from my living world religions tour. We were in a Sikh temple in Chicago eating Indian food on the floor. It was a really neat trip and we learned alot.
I've been thinking some about heartache lately. Usually I think it happens unexpectedly. I mean who would invite it. And yet the older I get the more I think people do. They know the decisions they are making are stupid when it comes to the consequences and yet they are willing to pay that price anyway. I'm thinking about that alot because I have the same sort of choice to make coming up. Actually not for a year and a half, but that is the deadline. I can make a choice now, or wait and hope it fixes itself but if it hasn't by then, then I have to cut ties and move on. I don't really have to move on. But that's the smart thing to do and I still have enough clarity of mind to limit the amount of heartache I have to take. I can take a year and a half, not a lifetime. Humans are dumb things.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oh, Inverted World

So it's 4:30 and I'm still in my flannel penguin p.j.'s. Though, to my credit I did shower today. I have decided to lock myself in my suite until I finish both my working and sermon outline. I had to completely rework my working outline because it didn't work.

I have decided it is good God made me a girl despite my wishes otherwise in former years because if I were a guy I would have been a preaching major. And I can't preach. It takes me more than a month to write a sermon and about two minutes to give it.

In other news, when the walmart employ cautioned," Make sure it doesn't get infected!" what she really meant was , "while your piercing isn't bleeding now, wait for about 5 or 6 weeks till you remove the stud to find a blood and puss filled mountain sprouting off your ear!" but I guess it's not as professional to yell that across Walmart.