Thursday, December 14, 2006


Did I mention that Monday my most expensive book was stolen before I could study it for my final. I could have dealt with the loss if not for the final aspect of it. I was feeling pretty bad because I was sick so I just decided to forget about it but Jack talked to the bookstore and they said I could cross-reference the books they received with my class roster. The great thing about the book that was stolen is that it was a new edition, no one but my class had ever bought it for the class. I found two books that had been sold back to the bookstore from people not on the class roster. I was worried that it would be a dead end, but the idiot who stole my book forgot to flip through it first. I had never highlighted or written in it, but I had accidentally left my loan statement in it. So it looks like my buddy Aaron, stupid freshman that he is, just lost his football scholarship. The deans will speak with him and give him the chance to confess and repay what he took but due to the fact that he stole multiple books there will be little if any leniency for him. The wierd thing is, he doesn't need the money. The idiot should have let me take my final first.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas List

In no particular order:

1.) Jasmine oil
2.)The Prestige (DVD)
3.) The fourth Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book (which may not get here till Jan)
4.) My wisdom teeth taken out (this is sad to actaully want this for christmas, but my wisdom teeth are making my other teeth crooked and undoing everything that I got braces for and I don't want to do the braces thing again. They've even moved them to where my retainer doesn't fit anymore.)
5.)My teeth whitened.
6.) A loop for my cartilage
7.) Funds for my mission trip (I'm still at Zero)

Movement Rule # 1: It is vital that an actor have a strong core Theatre movement final is tommorrow and I'm sick. I can do the moving proponent just fine which equates into an interpretive dance (yeah go ahead laugh...I can do sit-ups and crunches for five minutes straight and twist my body into unimaginable positions, so if you can do that as well, please, by all means, laugh.)Anyway thats what he means by strong core, you have to have your abs in shape: they are key to everything in acting. Thay help you hold your lead together, they help you keep your balance while trying to walk gracefully down stairs in a skirt and stilettos without flashing anyone or lookiong at your feet (all girls should try this some time), and most importantly thay help you to project your voice without sounding strained. I lost my voice today. Even if I could talk I don't think I could get enough air to my lungs to do more than cough.. And that wonderful core of mine has only kept down 4 tablespoons of applesauce and a glass of water for the past three days. A semester of endless push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, running and dancing, all to prepare me for tommorrow, all taken out by the common cold, or is it the flu, either way, I think Dr. Miller should rethink his number one rule for acting.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Good Person

Walking back to my dorm yesterday I was contemplating a friend who has trouble believing they are a good person sometimes. I always thought they were seeking affirmation of some sort, but it occured to me that maybe they were telling the truth. I thought about it and I realized they aren't good at relationships at all, horrible in fact. Jude Law horrible. But really, I have a lot of friends who aren't that great at relationships, it seems to be a common thread so I tabled that argument for the time being. As I continued on, I noted that they weren't even really a good friend and as I have no basis for telling if they are a good family member I found myself stumped. What exactly is my criteria for a good person? The most I could say perhaps is that they aren't evil. And that isn't synonomous with good. Actually I think that is a pretty flimsy foundation for trying to be a good person; its like saying, "at least you aren't as bad as Hitler."

Monday, December 04, 2006

I am required to take a missions internship over seas for my major. It actually is a wonderful thing because it allows me to take a survey trip of the country I plan to work in as well as begin my language training. I am going to Thailand. The cost is 3500 dollars and I have none of it. I need half of it by January 31. I will be there for 6 to 8 weeks. Another blessing is that Mary and James, my two team members for after graduation will be going as well. I sent out some support letters but I have heard nothing as of yet. I know the money will come, somehow. Thailand is ideal for mission work because it is an open-country in the middle of several closed-countries. Most missionaries in Thailand right now do mission work to the surrounding countries and not so much to the Thai people. Thailand is a safe place for a missionary's family to be while he goes into Bhurma or Laos. The majority of Thai's are Theravada Buddhists. If by chance you are interested in contributing in some way just let me know and I will gladly get information to you. (It is tax deductable) Prayers would be wonderful too.