Saturday, January 27, 2007

Summer Dreamin'

I dreamt about my coming summer last night. James and I boarded a plane for Thailand but the pilot came on and said that something was wrong with it so we would have to board this tiny personal jet to take us to Thailand instead. There were 20 of us squeezing onto this little jet including an old friend from high school and her lesbian girlfriend who were apparently on our team going to Thailand. Halfway there though, while flying over Africa something went wrong on the jet and we had to make an emergency landing. I went to the cockpit to see who the pilot was and it was the friend from high school, she had passed out and the plane was about to hit the ground. The circuit board was sparking and without thinking I shoved her out of the seat and landed the plane from my memories of flying with Quentin when he was training for his pilot's license. We landed in a marsh full of hippos who started circling the plane. I had to open a hatch and climb outside to fix something in the engine and the hippos kept getting closer and closer. I didn't want to be stranded in some random marsh in Africa so I yelled at James to bring me the tape from the first aid kit and I frantically tried to seal off a tube that was leaking. James started to have an allergic reaction to the hippos but luckily he had brought the first aid kit with him and I found a syringe and a medicine to counter it. While I was filling the syringe a hippo charged the jet and nearly knocked the tape off. I set the syringe down and grabbed at the tape and caught it just in time. I grabbed the shot next and gave it to James and then finished taping the tube up. I drug james back inside and started the plane up and took off. By that time my friend from highschool had woken up and took over flying it. When we set down in Thailand, a doctor examined us all and told me that James had contracted Hepatitus from the dirty needle and that my friend now had stage four breast cancer becasue she was exposed to too much radiation from the circuit board on the plane. Both James and my friend were blaming me for it. (I am perfectly aware that most of these events could never happen.)I was really upset and decided to just go home so I flew back to the states where Candy was waiting for me at the airport (I think my mind shifted into another dream here but my mind just connected the two) She said her old church camp needed some counselors and that she had signed us up. I needed to take an internship so I agreed and went with her. The camp was up north some where and there was only one huge lodge where every one stayed at. The girls stayed int he rooms ont he left side of the common rooms and the guys on the right. I noticed my friend Jared was one of the guy counselors which was nice. There was one other girl counselor with Candy and I but we didn't know her. We arrived at camp late and went straight to bed. I woke up in the mornong to a phone ringing and realized there was a telephone booth in the next room fromt he one I was sharing with the other girl counselors. Camp was starting the next day. I went and answered the phone and it was Gabe. He was really upset becasue he and Cadny were fighting again. I told him I really couldn't talk to him about it and suggested that maybe he call Cadny. He got really mad and asked if I knew anything about the camp I was at. I said know. He told me that bad things happen there and that was why they have trouble getting counselors. i told him to stop being juvenile. He said that I would get what I deserved and hung up. Right as I set the phone back in the cradle, the arm that had been holding it burst into flame. I started screaming and beating at it. Finally I had to rollon the floor. When I got up I saw that bits of my sweater had fused to my skin. The rest had burned away. My upper arm was the only part seriously burnt But I was next to a breakdown. Still I couldn't afford to botch another internship and who would believe me that my arm had spontaneaously burst inot flame. They would just think I was playing with fire which was against the rules probably. I decided it must all be in my head somehow and that I would go shange into a clean shirt and then go have the nurse bandage it so that no one would know. When I went back into my room and opened my closet all my clothes were covered in soot. It looked like someone had lit a fire under them. As I stared I heard the phone ring in the next room again. I was really scared and slowly walked back into the next room and stared at the phone. I waited at the door till it quit ringing because there was noway I was touching it again. Immediatly after it stopped ringing I heard Candy start shrieking in our room. I ran in and she and her sheets were soaked in blood. She was covered in cuts all over her body and when I helped her out of the bed we noticed pairs of scissors all where she had been laying. She said she had tried to make herself wake up but she couldn't. I ran into the common room and got the director and showed him Candy and my arm and he rushed us to the camp nurse. As we were running out he nervously asked me if I had seen anything funny. I didn't answer. While I was waiting for the nurse to finish bandaging Candy I stared out the window and saw a little boy playing under an apple tree. There was and abandoned house on the property or at least I had thought it was abandoned, but I saw a woman come out of the house and yell at him to stop picking the unripe apples. As we left the nurses station I turned and saw the boy smile at me and intentionally pick another unripe apple. The woman at the door must have seen as well because she opened the screen door again and yelled at him to stop. He grinned at me then spun around and threw the apple as hard as he could at the woman hitting her square between the eyes and she crumpled. I gasped and the director turned around and saw where I was staring. When I looked with him I noticed the house was run-down, obviously abandoned, unlike it had appeared a few moments before. The director looked at me and said he had lived there with his wife and son until his wife died. I walked silently back into the lodge with Candy. When We reached our room though, I couldn't get the door to open. Candy's bed was shoved up against it and the springs were creaking. I looked through the crack and saw the other girl counselor's bare arm and leg. I nearly started laughing because I knew Candy was going to be mad when she saw the other girl rolling around naked on her bed when her own bed was three feet away. Candy saw me choking back laughter and asked, "what?" and shoved the door farther open. I noticed then that there was someone else naked in the bed with her and stopped laughing. Candy noticed too and slammed the door open the rest of the way enraged. She was about to start yelling when I noticed our othr roomie's head roll back her eyes were open but she was either dead or unconscious. The guy in the bed looked up and grinned and I recognized the boy from the apple tree only quite a few years older. There was something wrong with him and I noticed his eyes were solid white. I drug Candy away from the door and told her to run and that I was quitting this stupid job and woke up. I wonder what Freud would say about this one.


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Freaky dream. Long one too! P.s. You should delete your first account, so I'l stop trouncing into a dead end everytime.

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