Thursday, January 25, 2007

Taylor meets Meyers-Briggs

James and I started pre-marital today which basically means a lot of temperment tests. I'm interested to see what our counselor thinks of the results. First we take the same test and fill out how we think we would react in situations then take another sheet and fill out how the other person would react in the same situations. I can tell you already that James and I have the same beliefs but are polar opposites as far as personality goes. Is that bad?James actually talks to the counselor which is good, and he's talking more with my friends. I worry that some of my extended family will be suspicious of him becasue he's so quiet but he really is a great guy just very shy.

So dad went on a date. I know because, as always, he called me 2 minutes before my alarm went off that morning. (Don't let his mr. cool demeanor in his blog fool you he was like a giddy school girl) hehehe (o.k. maybe I just like comparing dad to a giddy school girl) I'm thinking this whole dating thing could be alot of fun. I haven't called Jeremiah yet to make sure Dad was back by curfew or to at least see if he sat on the porch cleaning guns. Actually I guess dad picked her up. How come guys don't have to go through the whole "dad" problem when dating? If I ever have sons I'm going to grill them just so my daughters know I'm an equal opportunity parent.

Well I need sleep. I should probably post the engagement story sometime, huh? He proposed in the graveyard between "leslie" and "luther" and a tree.


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

He proposed in a graveyard? Now I am really impressed! He just climbed up another few notches!

As far as not having to meet a father who is cleaning guns when I picked her up, I did meet her son who was playing video games...just as intimidating.

And why shouldn't I wake you up in the morning? There is learning to be done girl, learning!

love you kiddo

5:06 AM  

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