Sunday, February 18, 2007

25 things I don't want to think about...

I decided to come in and edit this post. God has been blessing me alot this week.

1.) The laundry I desperatly need to do but won't have time for until Wednesday.
2.) What will happen at my first trip to the gyno.
3.) The fact that I forgot to take my chpt. 4 History quiz before the deadline. Due to a problem with pipeline, he's re-opened the quiz for just today.
4.) What my wedding colors are.
5.) Wedding registries (arggh! What is the point of a charger plate? anyone?)
6.) Making an appointment for my dress fitting.
7.) Haggling over adjustments and beading repair on my dress.
8.) Finding time to apply for a bible scholarship.
9.) Applying for credit for my mission's internship.
10.) The fact that our two missionary contacts have dropped off the face of the planet before we could arrange which we would be working for.
11.) What kind of wedding cake I want.
12.) What kind of music I want at the wedding.
13.) Pretty much anything at all to do with the wedding.After noting Dad's helpful suggestions I realized how lucky I am that its me and not him planning my wedding.
14.) Ways to stop clenching my teeth during nightmares so that they'll stop bleeding at night.
15.) The million and one ways my support letter was inadequate for sources that can't agree on what they want it to look like.
16.) The fact that I didn't spell his name right even though he can't spell mine.
17.) The essay test I have in History tomorrow.I aced this test.
18.) The 30 source annotated bibliography I have coming up that is to be turned in before the paper.
19.) The fact that I'm a week behind in Greek.
20.) I still haven't heard back from anyone about the RA position I applied for.
21.) When I will find time to send out a second wave of support letters.
22.) Talking to my trustee about paying the tuition for my internship.
23.) I have yet to get my Typhoid shot.
24.) I have yet to get my Visa pictures.
25.)At what point during reading the four gospels, the six required texts, skimming my 30 sources, translating and underlining my three pericopes from the greek, and creating an annotated bibliogrphy, am I supposed to write my 15 page synopsis?

*Also if you have peter pan or great value peanut butter with the stock number 2111 on the lid throw it out. It's been recalled for salmonella.


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

Okay, let me help you with numbers:

4 - burnt orange
11 - Texas Sheet cake
12 - You can never go wrong with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Lynard Skynard, or Queen.
13 - hmm, I am still open to doing all the planning...
14 - buy a mouth guard at the local athletic supply store
15 - consider the source of the criticism and then forget about it
16 - hmm, I think I can spell both of your's right...
21 - do you want me to compose the second letter for you?
24 - I have a picture of you when you were four... will that work?

Stick in there kiddo, you will make it. love ya!

1:41 PM  
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