Thursday, February 01, 2007

Building a Team

My mission team got their DiSC test results back last night. There are only three of us on a team;Jack, Mary and me. Jack and Mary ended up being complete opposites, literally, their graph if you combine thier two check marks would make a diamond. This test creates a graph and matches it to one of the 15 personality patterns. We haven't discussed the patterns yet. We were just told which letter we were and what the characteristics of that letter were. Everyone has some of all the letters but there is always one that is high. (Unless of course you are me whose check mark looks more like a straight line, either I'm well rounded or devoid of personality)You are given six adjectives to describe your personality in eith of the letters. Jack is a high "C" (Conscientiousness) and only one point away from being a high "D" Dominance. Which is funny because Jack can seem so timid but it is because C's dislike conflict and criticism and seek round about ways of trying to solve a problem. Mary had very little C in her. Mary is a very high "i" which Jack has almost none of.
Jack: careful, restrained, high standards, analyitcal, sensitive, mature, evasive
Mary: arbitrary, rebellious,defiant,obstinate,tactless,sarcastic
Me: restrained, high standards, analyitcal, sensitive, mature, evasive, "own person"

Jack: suspicious,pessimistic,aloof, withdrawn, self-conscious, reticent
Mary: enthusiastic, gregarious, persuasive, impulsive, emotional, self-promoting
me: convincing, observing, discriminating, reflective, factual, logical, controlled

As you can see Jack and Mary are really different but they are already friends and while some of the adjectives sound negative that is because it is the environment in which they react least to. We were supposed to be paired off in groups of which ever letterwas highest so I had to go ask Marvin (man administering the exam)where to go, he just looked at mine and raised his eyebrows, he laughed when he heard James and Mary's personalities. Essentially my personality is very "fluid" in that I can choose an area to be dominant depending on the situation. This summer for example, I will be the buffer between James and Mary. He predicts I will take on a high "S" personality which is the peacemaker type. The wierd thing is that wt pre-marital my counselor said the same thing about the Meyers-briggs and Taylor tests. That I scored near the middle and it would probably be a good thing because I could adjust to deal with other personalities better. I think James took that to mean ,"You're probably one of the few people who could ever live with an INTJ" because all the way down the elevator he kept saying ," I don't want to be someone you have to 'deal with'"


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